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Edward Snowden failed force journalist Glenn Greenwald to use PGP tool to secure each other communication. It was so complicated and confusing!

"Privacy" is about to change it

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How it works?

Create encrypted message

  • TYPE text message to encrypt (or use directly from another application using iOS 8 extension, so you can encrypt right away without switching application.)
  • CHOOSE recipient (e-mail, username, or public key identifier) — application will search for published encryption keys of receiver and use it.
  • SEND message via e-mail

Import keys

Sometimes you need use keys that are not available on keys servers, then you can copy public keys files between your computer and iOS application with iTunes File Sharing.


Many apps store the app's settings in the main "Settings" icon on the iPhone's home screen. Click on the settings icon and scroll down the list of apps at the bottom of the settings page. Then click on the app's name within settings to manage the settings for that app.


Please always check key fingerprint before actually send encrypted message. Key fingerprint is always visible next to recipient e-mail address. If you found that fingerprint is different from what you expect, please dont send message. - use keybase username in recipient field

Public keys servers - you can reach any recipient, which published his public key on servers


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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?


What do we use your information for?


How do we protect your information?

Messages are encrypted with OpenPGP that is the most widely used email encryption standard in the world.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?